• Any technical equipment used must meet the relevant EN standard (or comparable International equivalent) unless otherwise specified by the IFSC or, in exceptional circumstances, by the Competition Technical Commission.
  • The relevant standards as at the date of issue for these Rules are applicable standards for technical equipment used in International Competition Climbing. Equipment Cen standard for athletes are Belay devices (locking and manual) EN15151-1 and 2 and Climbing harness EN12277:2007 (type C).
  • All equipment used by a competitor shall comply with the relevant standards set out in article CLI 9 unless otherwise specified by the Technical Handbook or IFSC rules. Use of non-approved, or non-approved modification of, equipment, knots and clothing, or any infringement of any part of Technical Handbook or IFSC rules and regulations governing team clothing and equipment, shall make the competitor liable for disciplinary action. 



  • Competitors when climbing wear an official team uniform, a consistent top and pants which may contain university name.
  • The team top may be different for male and female competitors.
  • The official starting number bib is provided by the OC.
  • Each competitor is free to use a chalk bag, a climbing helmet and the clothing (in addition to the team top) they prefer.